A New Tag — Alan Smithee

I propose that, henceforth, critical responses, like THIS ONE, and/or THIS ONE be exempt from appearing on that story’s view/read statistics. In order to do this, simply tag the comment with “Alan Smithee”.

Margaret was thankful that she was afflicted by the kind of hack that eventually went away. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

You see, “Alan Smithee” is the moniker used by directors who feel like they haven’t been given enough control over a project that will have their name on it. In essence, to qualify a public artifact with “Alan Smithee”, is to say, “I don’t want to be associated with this work”. For purposes of Medium, that means that you don’t believe that you should add to the views/reads for that particular story. For instance, there is one turd out there who will remain nameless lest I send more traffic to his filth, who claims to have gotten over 900 K views in a month — I want to assume that maybe 30% or more were in the “Alan Smithee” category and would rescind any trace of having been there. To get things started, I will tag this very article with “Alan Smithee”. And henceforth, when you see that tag, the author of that story will know that there are some views/reads that are not genial.



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